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The beginning part of the story i thought was very well made, it was very dark, mysterious but not scary at all for those who dislike scary storylines. But after a while the plot just seem dull and unoriginal. Typical protagonist trying to save the world, trying to protect his friends and trying to get revenge, all these types of storylines has been overused, if Black Cat had a better storyline, i believe it would have been better. Black Cat is actually quite enjoyable if you do not care about the unoriginal storyline seeing that the characters are greatly designed and there are many great fight scenes.

Opening Theme [Download] :
#1:"Daia no Hana" by Yoriko
#2:"HIKARI" by Yoriko

Ending Theme:
#1: "Namidaboshi" by PUPPYPET [Download]
#2: "Kutsuzure" by Ryoji Matsuda [Download]

Black Cat Original Soundtrack: SB | EU | TF

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  1. I was searching for this all over.... Thanks for your hard work :P.. hehe

  2. The files could not be found D:

  3. Do u by any chance know the name of the song in ep 19 when eve was fighting leon?
    The one which was choir-like?

  4. When I clicked 'download' for Ending Theme Kutsuzure, it goes:

    "Permission Denied.

    This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire.

    If you own the rights to the work, please submit a ticket.
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    1. try to loging out from ur mediafire account first, and then click the link once again, and you'll have the same problem

      because ur account is just for personal use only..

      try using tuxfire to fix it or use the direct link only

  5. It says Invalid or Deleted file. Can u please fix this :(

  6. Do u by any chance know the name of the song in ep 19 when eve was fighting leon?
    The one which was choir-like?