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Deadman Wonderland is about Ganta, a boy who is framed for the murder of his friends and sent to a privately owned prison. Shortly after arriving in Deadman Wonderland, Ganta discovers he can use his blood as a weapon. He is then sent to G-Block (where all the other Deadmen are) and the story begins. Since the anime is only 12 episodes, we only get to see the first arc, which is fine. In terms of plot, we don't get to see the start of the main storyline. The first half of the anime is getting introduced to Deadman Wonderland and the second half Ganta teams up with Owl. Most of the questions that are introduced such as the Mother Goose System, the Red Man, and Makina (lady in charge of the prison guard) trying to discover what's going on, while explored, aren't resolved. This leaves people with the sense that the plot was cheap and incomplete, but there are 45 manga chapters and the anime only got to chapter 20. It's does a good job of introducing us to the manga, even though some characters were ignored and events were re-ordered. The door is still open for a second season, which I hope it gets because the real story was just beginning. If you want a gory show with plenty of death, Deadman Wonderland is for you. After you finish the anime (or before if you want) you should also go read the manga. In my opinion, it's better, but the anime version is worth a try. (by Meh_93@mal)
{Last Edited: Dec 24th, 2012}
uploaded character song Genkaku Azuma by Musica_MaGiC

Opening Theme:
"One Reason" by DWb feat. fade [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme:
"Shiny Shiny" by NIRGILIS [Download] [Single]

Character Song:
Ganta Igarashi [Download]
Minatsuki Takami [Download]
Genkaku Azuma [Download]
Shiro [Download]

Original Soundtrack:
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 1 [Download]
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 2 [Download]
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 3 [Download]
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 4 [Download]
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 5 [Download]
Deadman Wonderland Soundtrack CD 6 [Download]

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  1. Thank you sooo much!! Been waiting for this!

  2. First of all thanks for the ost, this is the only site that has it, second where did you guys get this? i mean, even the people behinfd this anime didnt release an ost, and finally third: @mandaraetyu12 yes there is a 2nd seasons because the manga has one more volum which i think is the anugust edition once that comes out the second season migh start a few weeks later.

  3. Thank you so much for these files, is there really going to be a soundtrack 2 and 3?

  4. > where did you guys get this
    There're japanese releases.
    At least if you google, for example "deadman wonderband feat. ganta", find original japanese title and google it again -- you may find that.
    Funny enough, all 'DBW feat XXX' CDs have not 2 tracks but 4; what's even more funny -- according to GracenoteDB those CDs have 8 tracks each :)

    But OST is a real mistery -- haven't found any traces of such CD :)

  5. When shall you be updating with the new songs? :O

  6. Geez, I was hoping for the heavy metal background tracks, but those are just the character songs and the suspense songs.

    Then I'll have to wait until CD3. Bummer.

  7. Is it just me, or is the lyrics for the OP different from the anime? I realized this when using minilyric.

  8. is there really going to be a season 2 cus loads off ppl have been saying yes and no..So would love to know if there is thanks =)

  9. Like OST1 they are Coupled with the DVD or BD, they are out there.... But unless someone buys the dvd or bd with the soundtrack[s] attached and rips them, we will get nothing. Proof: http://dwl.jp/goods/index.html

  10. When is Genkaku's going to be avalible for download, I've got a chance to listen to them, but I really want to download the songs on there. Hibana's is really catchy, Rokuro's gets stuck in your head and you'll be singing it whether you like to or not, and Genkaku's is amazing! in my opinion of course.

  11. DWB feat.Genkaku is available, but without instrumentals.((

  12. even though this doesnt really have to do with the soundtrack, where did you get the snowflake effect?

  13. I really want seji's them when he says : Slice!

  14. Wow, thanks a lot fot this wonderful post!! DW OST is such a great piece, I was looking for it like crazy!

  15. The ads were a buzzkill but I really appreciate this!

  16. When Season 2 comes Maulavi tell me a deadman-Vonderland???? , (, (, (

  17. Hi... I couldn't download any of them, most are off and fileswap ask for password T_T

  18. i know the manga of deadman wonderland is coming out sometime next year or the year after that viz medea decided to reprint it