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爆転シュート ベイブレード / Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
Let it rip!!
Though it begins as a team of boys merely wanting to be the champions of the Beyblading world, the story of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade soon branches out into various "arcs" that give you insight into a particular character, and through each of their individual ordeals the group as a whole become closer to one another. While there's also the somewhat cliche issue of global takeover to deal with, it seems primarily to be a tale of friendship and, discreetly, cultural diversity. Though the main protagonists all band together to represent Japan, each comes from a different corner of the globe, and the friends they make during their travels also originate from various countries and socioeconomic backgrounds. So if nothing else, the themes certainly make this a good anime to watch. There's also a little bit of supernatural awesomeness in the form of "bit beasts," for those who love their fantasy and enjoy a hats-off to mythology.
 Last updated: 26 June 2014

Opening Theme:
"Fighting Spirits - Song for Beyblade" by system-B [ Download ]

Ending Theme:
"Cheer Song" by system-B [ Download ]

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  1. Existem 7 animes com nome "BeyBlade" e eu gostaria de apontar um erro nessa postagem:
    A imagem é uma imagem do anime "Bakuten Shoot BeyBlade 2002", também conheçido como "BeyBlade V-Force", e as músicas são do "Bakuten Shoot BeyBlade" clássico.
    Os sete animes com nome de beyblade são, na ordem em que foram lançados:
    Bakuten Shoot BeyBlade
    Bakuten Shoot BeyBlade 2002
    Bakuten Shoot BeyBlade G-Revolution
    Metal Fight BeyBlade
    Metal Fight BeyBlade Explosion
    Metal Fight BeyBlade 4D
    Metal Fight BeyBlade Zero-G

    E também há um anime avulso chamado "Beywheelz".

    Cada um desses animes tem uma abertura e entre 1 e 3 encerramentos, se pudessem postar músicas de todas as temporadas aqui, já que na minha opinião não vale a pena criar tantos posts diferentes, acho que ajudaria muito para quem procura músicas das outras temporadas

  2. what about the songs of beyblade G-revolution ? pls uplaod them..


  3. Can i request ending beyblade, title OOZORA WO KOETE Yuke but the original soundtrack, not extend or tv size,,
    Thanks before :)

    1. your Req so mislead, you cannot make difference between OST or Theme song.


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