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Character Song Inazuma Eleven
Description: Inazuma Eleven Character Song Original Album
Artist: Inazuma All Stars
Released: June 04, 2011
Catalog No. PKCF-1047
File size: 104 MB (320kbps + BK)
Last Reupload: 16 Aug 2013

Track List:
01. Junior high school Kaminarimon's song
02. Mamotte miseru!
03. Hitomi no naka no shouri
04. The reason of the Flame
05. Bad Boys Brother' s Blues ~ Umi to Otoko to Otoko to Mohican
06. Maiagare!
07. Star Line
08. Yale to Glory
09. Ice Road
10. The Best Strongest
11. Mata ne… no kisetsu
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