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BLooD-C Bonus CD 2

BLooD-C Vol. 2
Description: Blood-C Bonus CD 2 // Original Soundtrack I
Released: Oct 26, 2011
Catalog No. ANZX-6423
File Size: 56 MB (320kbps)
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Track List:
01. Destiny
02. Shousha ni wa Houbi O, Haisha ni wa Bbachi O
03. Hikari no saki
04. BLooD
05. Important "Promise"
06. 私立三荊学園
07. Mamorubeki Nichijou
08. Contract
09. Cafe Gimoubu
10. Negai O Kanaeru Mise
11. "Duty"
12. Auspicious Augury


  1. Umg Umg I cannot wait I feel the demonic aura inside my eye =D

  2. Just one day left.... can't wait!

  3. Which region do you live in? I just can't wait for the OsT to become downloadable >.< in japan its 26th, about 4-5am...

  4. I was up all night for it to come out xD but I'm asumming that you didn't have the CD at that time... I hope it gets delivered to you =3

  5. Urgh... that order is takin' a while >.< but it said 1-2 days... I'm just unpatient ;_;

  6. Nope.. wasn't yesterday(as in wednesday) a high chance it may be today though >.< I hope. Well anyways thank you for trying to upload the soundtrack :) really appreciate your effort!

  7. Looking forward to this OST, whats taking so long

  8. I think he's got the DVD (probabley recentley 28-29) and probabley trying to find a way or something to extract the soundtrack from it =3

  9. :O I was wrong! he has it now though (look at the waiting order, its been crossed) :D Good luck by getting the soundtrack, awesome dude!

  10. Read the line after the cover: "It will takes a time for upload it, I really apologize for this."

  11. You shouldn't apoligise! you've trying your best to upload it! and you've made an effort trying to release it. :D!

  12. OMG its november 2 and this fricken OST is not already uploaded XDDD whyyy??!!!

  13. Be patient =3 at least it will be uploaded soon :D be thankfull for this awesome dude for trying to upload it for us

  14. This is The First Ost!!! yeah, the vol.2 is to be released in the third BD/DVD in November 26 (I hate the bonus CDS whit DVD Or BD is So expensive!!!), thanks for try upload it. I can wait la little more. >v<

  15. Thank you so much for the effort =)

  16. from the time I was waiting for it so thank you

  17. Thanks a lot! the Blood C OST is fabulous!

  18. Thanks!!!!!!! Muchas Gracias!! n_n

  19. Thank you! This OST hasn't got all the soundtrack of Blood-C. Do you know when the second OST is going to be released?

  20. is to be released in november 23 with the third DVD/BD of the series in the limited edition only
    here is the info http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=ANZX-6425


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