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Cover Opening & Ending Theme Aquarion EVOL
Description: Opening & Ending Aquarion EVOL
Original Title: TVアニメーション「アクエリオン EVOL」OP/EDシングル: 君の神話〜アクエリオン第ニ章 by AKINO with bless4
Released: Feb 15, 2012
Catalog No. VTCL-35125
File Size: 57 MB (320kbps)
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Track List:

01. Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou
02. Gekkou Symphonia
03. 君の神話〜アクエリオン第二章 (Instrumental)
04. 月光シンフォニア (Instrumental)


  1. thank you very much... I really really like it

  2. Where to find the full lyrics??????? in ROmaji form pls!

  3. thanks for sharing, im looking forward to any incoming post


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