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The story itself starts 12000 years after the stuff in Aquarion goes down, and as you probably know it follows the reincarnates of those characters, and of course the characters before that. As was the case in Aquarion, Evol follows a group of teenageish characters as they pilot Aquarion to save the world from abductors. It focuses on their relationships with one another and shit like that, but at the same time it is able to maintain an interesting story that keeps you going all the way through. As the story progressed, it got more and more tragic. There are just sad situations and the whatnot popping up everywhere at a point and I was all depressed and shit like "aw damn, this is gonna have a sad ending" which was the vibe I was getting. The actual ending though is very good and all the sad stuff that goes down at least gets brought to points where theres closure if nothing else. The ending also provides an actual end, by this I mean that the whole 12,000 year repeating cycle can finally be ended by the end to this. On a whole I was really happy with this show. It had subtle humor, good characters, orgasmic animation(sorry I just had to use that pun) and it fixed alot of the crap that Aquarion didnt do so hot with. I will recomend thsi to anyone who liked the original, hell, Ill recomend this if you didnt like the original because this is just on such a higher level. Enjoy.
{Last Updated: April 22, 2014}

Opening Theme
1. "Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou" by AKINO with bless4 [Download]
2. "PARADOXICAL ZOO" by AKINO with bless4

Ending Theme
"Gekkou Symphonia"by AKINO & AIKI from bless4 [Single]
Eps 15: Yunoha no Mori by Yunoha Suroor (CV: Yui Ogura) [Download]
Eps 26: ZERO Zero by AKINO from bless4

Insert Song:
Eps 04 / 06 / 11: Eve no Danpen / イヴの断片 / Fragment of the Eve
Eps 07: Omna Magni
Eps 08: Go Tight
Eps 10: Pride, Nageki no Tabi
Eps 12: Aquaria Mou Sora
Eps 13: Heath of the Wastelands
Eps 14 / 16: Genesis of Aquarion

Aquarion EVOL original Soundtrack:
1. Eve no Shihen
2. Love@New Dimension 

Bonus CD:
CD Vol.1 [Download]
CD Vol.2 [Download]
CD Vol.3 [Download]
CD Vol.4 [Download]
CD Vol.5 [Download]
CD Vol.6 [Download]
CD Vol.7 [Download]
CD Vol.8 [Download]
CD Vol.9 [Download]

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  1. want to ask the insert song played during ep 4 n 6,what name is it and when will it be released?

    1. "Eve no Danpen" (イヴの断片 Ivu no Danpen?, "Fragment of the Eve") by AKINO from bless4

  2. Aquarion jest ciekawym anime, jednak wstawki ecchi są nieporzebne.

  3. any one knows when Aquaria Mau Sora (the dancing skies of Aquaria) song will be released?

  4. sorry..during episode 10, (scene Jin at Yunoha's room) do you know what the insert song that play?
    thank you ^^

    1. "Pride ~ Nageki no Tabi" by AKINO from Bless4

    2. hontouni arigatou, ade-san (_ _)

  5. Wouldn't it be better to use the original japanese name?
    Like in for episode 14. Isn't it better to use "Honya no heath?" because it will cause a little confusion with the song for episode 15, "Genesis no Aquarion" and episode 16 "Sousei no Aquarion" whereas "Genesis no Aquarion" is the english version of "Sousei no Aquarion"

  6. Waiting for Eps 14: Genesis of Aquarion (Eng. Ver.) download link to be avaliable!^^ Looking forward to it! !

  7. anyone know the insert song in ep 17

  8. just to let everyone know that most of the insert songs r from the first season it's called, "Genesis of Aquarion".

  9. What is the song playing in the last episode (26) when amata got all serious in trying to save mikono? Is an insert song that's not released yet?

  10. Damn.. zero was a good song at the end.. T.T
    AKINO - Zero

  11. what is the name of the song played in final? It was translation of the op theme of aquarion first season into english. plz get the song

  12. When Bonus CD Vol.6-8 going to be out?

  13. yang ini apa nih judulnya ? watch?v=726Zhwi3yQk

  14. at ep 24 when alicia told amata about her story, what is the title of the song ?

  15. thanks for the insert song 14/16 i just looking for it 1 week ago and it update now >.<


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