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エフ ア テイル オブ メロディー
Tale of Melodies is definitely not a mediocre sequel. Judged by itself, Melodies would fit the true hallmarks of a classic. Watching episode after episode is akin to surfing upon waves of pure emotion, there will be scenes that are guaranteed to even make terminator a little teary.
Like its original, Melodies is an utter masterpiece of both visual and melodic artistic direction. The visuals accentuate the emotions in every scene, the speech often feature rhythmic and even poetic undertone; when you watch Melodies, you do not feel like you're just watching an anime, but rather appreciating an awe-inspiring piece of art. Where's most anime are content to have the animations fluidly and attractively portray an event, Melodies goes five steps further. Each and everything scene, including even the placement and subtle variations of the OP, are the way the way for some subtle purpose. There's little else to be said but to experience it.
[Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013]

Opening Theme:
"ebullient future" by ELISA [Japanese Ver.] [English Ver.] [Instrumental]

Ending Theme:
#01: "Egao no Chikara" by Mai Goto [Download] [Instrumental]
#02: "Negai no Kakera" by Yumiko Nakajima [Download] [Instrumental]
#03: "ever forever" by Harada Hitomi [Download]

EF - a Tale of Melodies Original Soundtrack:
1. Elegia [TF2S]
2. Felice [MC / HG]

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  1. thank you i always download ost anime in here

  2. EF - a Tale of Melodies Original Soundtrack:
    1. Elegia & Felice [FT | SB | 2S | U2B]
    2. Alato [FileTrip | ShareBeast]

    please fix this link.. cant download.. thx :D

    1. I try click 2S and still work also Filetrip works as well.