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東のエデン / Higashi no Eden
The plotline is very interesting and is revealed at a well managed pace, and this pacing creates the many moments at the end of each episode which leave the viewer wanting more and more from the series. However, the ending is somewhat abrupt, and does not really provide any full closure to the series itself – but when it is factored in that the series’ ending is actually presented in two extra movies, this ‘ending’ can be forgiven for its somewhat sudden stopping point. The intricacies of the story and the unfolding of the plot are very complex and rewarding to the viewer when uncovered, most of the time giving new questions to the viewers with each revelation. The character development is also handled well – Akira Takizawa, being the main character, of course has the most detailed development of the characters, but it is arguable that his actions practically push the plot entirely throughout the series, and his endearing personality and the hook of the mysterious events surrounding his past make him into an incredible main protagonist. Being a source of many different film references that he mentions frequently throughout the series also gives him a sense of realism that not many other protagonists can match, allowing the viewer to further understand his character.
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2014

Opening Theme:
#01: "FALLING DOWN" by Oasis
#02: "Michael Ka Belial" by Saori Hayami (FUNiamation OP) [Download]
Opening Theme: Movie I The King of Eden
"invisible" by LEAH
Opening Theme: Movie II Paradise Lost
"future nova" by school food punishment

Ending Theme:
"futuristic imagination" by school food punishment [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Movie I The King of Eden
"Light Prayer" by School Food Punishment [Download] [Single]
Ending Theme: Movie II Paradise Lost
"after laughter" by school food punishment [Download] [Single]

Original Soundtrack [Download]
Original Soundtrack Movie [Download]
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