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Hunter X Hunter (2011) Original Soundtrack 2 (by Yoshihisa Hirano)
HUNTER×HUNTER オリジナル・サウンドトラック 2
Released: May 23, 2012
Catalog No. VPCG-84925
File Size: 106 MB [Download: MC \ EU]

Track List:
01 Requiem Aranea   
02 Gyakujuuji no Otoko   
03 The Mad Bailaor   
04 Kusari Yarou   
05 Latent Power   
06 No no Haru   
07 Ansatsu Ikka no Yakata   
08 Try Your Luck   
09 Realized Capacity   
10 Iai no Kyoujin   
11 Kinpatsu no Gankou   
12 Kumo no Canzone   
13 Donkies   
14 La Valse de Garcons   
15 Take a Walk   
16 Dr. Warm-Hearted Miser   
17 Death Agony   
18 Auras   
19 Innocence of Assassin   
20 Go on!   
21 TO-MO-DA-CHI   
22 Konjou Dashite!   
23 Sono Kyoukan, Ryoryoku Zetsurin   
24 Dirge from Dark Side   
25 Departure for Strings   
26 Go on, Gon!   
27 Opening Theme "departure!-second version-" [TV Size]   
28 Ending Theme "HUNTING FOR YOUR DREAM" [TV Size]


  1. Can't Wait for the Release Date of this SoundTracker hope that the other version of the 2 songs available on the first OST like Kujiratou Yori(Without Flute) & when a man explain something in episode 26 Thanks in advance.

  2. OMG THX A LOT Waiting for this Second From a while.

  3. HI! can anyone knows the title of the song in kite's after death? the music when killua and gon run? its a sad music and i like it.. for my idol kite, :(


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