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At first, the story is slow and confusing, but the explanations and speed picks up partway through the series. For people hoping to see a lot of Persona versus Persona fighting, sorry. The focus is more on story here. Overall, though, it was a very great anime, with sometimes surprising plot twists and touching flashback scenes (which I usually hate). The music is always fitting with the scene that is occuring. Character design and art is great, and the studio did a great job of perfecting the same dark atmosphere that the Persona series is known for.
Last Updated: May 23, 2014

Opening Theme:
1."Breakin' Trough" by Shuuhei Kita [Download]
2."Word Of The Voice" by Flow [Download]

Ending Theme:
1."Suicides Love Story" by Nana Kitade [Download]
2."Found Me" by Kawamura Yumi [Download]

Persona 3 the Movie Theme Song:
1. Spring of Birth [OST]
2. Midsummer Knight's Dream

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