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世界は屋上で見渡せた/ SKET×Sketch
Description: Ending 10 Sket Dance
Original Title: 世界は屋上で見渡せたby SKET×Sketch
Released: August 29, 2012
Catalog No. AVCA-49814
File Size: 43 MB (320kbps)
Last Re-upload: June 13, 2013
Download: BD \ EU

Track List:
01 Sekai wa Okujyo de Miwataseta SKET×Sketch
02 Sekai wa Okujyo de Miwataseta 合唱 ver.  開盟学園生徒会執行部
03 Sekai wa Okujyo de Miwataseta (Instrumental)
04 Sekai wa Okujyo de Miwataseta 合唱 ver. (Instrumental)


  1. when will u upload it? T___T i'm waiting more the 2 weeks T__T

  2. me too T___T...
    can't wait for this...

  3. i wish the instrumental version will be upload too,
    thanks for uploaded


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