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The anime is about... as stated earlier, nothing. Kyouya is in a club called the 'Good-Job Club', and their activities involve having various discussions, eating food, laying around the room being struck by lasers of heat, biting each other, lewdly brushing hair, bringing little sisters in and many more things. The other members of the club are four girls; the childish club president Mao who has a short-temper, the refined angel-like Megumi, the genius Shion lacking common sense and the mysterious cat-like Kirara. You'd probably be thinking that... it sounds like a pretty generic slice of life without actually anything going on, which would naturally sound really boring to watch. To top it all of though, it sounds like a harem! There's no doubt it's harem-like with the boy:girl ratio of 1:4, and you'll probably agree that nearly all harem shows fail to be remotely good. And guess what? I found this much more interesting than all the other shows, and I'm not close to devoted with slice of life shows in a school setting.(mal)
[Last Updated: April 14, 2014]

Opening Theme
"Mousou★Koukan Nikki" by Otome Shinto [Download] [Single]

Ending Theme
#1: "I wish ~Tokimeki no Mahou~" by Mao Amatsuka & Megumi Amatsuka [Download]
#2: "balance unbalance ~Hontou no Watashi~" by Shion Sumeragi [Download]
#3: "Purely Sky: Watashi Dake no Sora" by Kirara Bernstein
#4: "Hashiridasou!" by Mao Amatsuka, Shion Sumeragi, Megumi Amatsuka, Kirara Bernstein

Original Soundtrack & Character Song:
1. Gujjyobu no Ongaku "G" [Download]
2. GJ-bu no Ongaku "J" [Download]

Bonus CD:
Drama CD 1 [Download]
Drama CD 2 [Download]
Drama CD 3 [Download]
Drama CD 4 [Download]


  1. i want this song >.<
    how long time i can wait this anime song ?? :)

  2. Balance unbalance instrumental should be my ringtone!

  3. The third ending featuring *Kirara is so cute <3

  4. Aye, I look forward these songs. They're all pretty good so far

  5. uoohh,, ending kapaaan?? g sabaaaar >_<

  6. When would you be releasing "Purely Sky"? The third ending with Kirara dancing with an umbrella?


  7. Purely Sky is so cute and full of energy. Kirara <3

  8. when is the forth ending coming out? (just curious)

  9. when the forth ending coming out? The anime already end *Cry

  10. When the Fourth ED Ost. Come?
    Can't Wait... Great Ending Since Tamaki Came....

  11. i like the most is the fourth or the last ED!! <3

  12. Is there any way to get the eyecatcher music for this anime?


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