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Description: Smiley*2GS is part of the St. Smiley Gakuen alongside Smiley*2G, but is an entirely different class called the Geinouka (Performance/Entertainment) Class S. The members of Smiley*2GS are all first-year students, and together, they make up the idol unit "HEAVENS DOOR", with Amanogawa Kakeru (Amatsuki) as their leader. (utaite wikia)  
Released: May 08, 2013
Catalog No. SMCS-1
File Size: 117 MB (320kbps)
【Download: EU | MC
Uploaded: May 12, 2013

Track List:
01. 「HEAVENS DOOR 誕生」 
02. Let's!
03. トビラ 
04. ペットショップガール 
05. 「これでも僕たち、高校生です」
06. Let's!(Instrumental)
07. トビラ(Instrumental)
08. ペットショップガール(Instrumental)
09. フリートーク

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