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ダンガンロンパオリジナルサウンドトラック [PSP Game]
Released: 14 Feb 2011
Catalog No. SPLR-1101
Track List: VGMDB

File Size MP3 (320kbps):
DISC 1: 175 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 2: 167 MB 【Download: EU | MC】  

File Size FLAC:
DISC 1 Part 1: 198 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 1 Part 2: 198 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 1 Part 3: 047 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 2 Part 1: 198 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 2 Part 2: 198 MB 【Download: EU | MC
DISC 2 Part 3: 057 MB 【Download: EU | MC
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  1. Could you please tur the files into .zip instead of .rar files? I can't download these because I have a mac. If you could do it, i'd be very greatful! Thank you :)

    1. I don't know b4 that mac cannot use rar.
      While you install winrar or winzip, automaticly rar & zip installed.
      and for your question, my reason to use rar is because zip only support letter A to Z, beside that file cannot compressed. So If I change it becomes zip, I must rename every single track. i don't have enough time to do it because there are some file I should reupload and upload. I hope you will understand my situation, dude.

    2. Ettto. By using mac u can use rar. U just need to use rar extractor. U could downlaod it on mac store

  2. Track list of the archive doesn't match the linked one.

    It seems it's a completely different disk than its supposed to be.

    It is danganronpa related, but it isn't the OST it pretends to be, and has tracks from danganronpa 2 and arrangements.


  3. i downloaded the 1st link for disc 1 and it was actually the OST for Dangan Ronpa 2 ( I didn't try downloading anything else but you should probably check your links and fix them

    1. how can you say it is OST 2?
      OST 2, consist of 3 DISC. and this one only 2 disc.

  4. This is the OST for Super Dangan Ronpa 2, not the Original Dangan Ronpa.

    1. Compare with this one:

      Super Dangan Ronpa 2 has 3 DISC and this is only 2 DISC.

  5. I got the same thing.
    The winrar files contain the tracks to the first 2 discs of Danganronpa 2.

    They match up in track name and time duration exactly.
    If you compare the files from the winrar file to the vgmdb link provided they don't match up. However, they do for Danganronpa 2.
    I downloaded the first 2 discs from the Danganronpa 2 link to check and they're exactly the same.

    I think it's just a misupload or the wrong files got compressed in the winrar file.

    1. I did this soundtrack according CD-rip therefore we have FLAC version here.
      I can't re-upload for the missing BGMs in this soundtrack, if you have them please uplaoad here.
      Anyway, thanks for your comment and for your understanding.


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